Referral Marketing
without Limits!

Convert your Customers to Brand Ambassadors. Control the smallest details of your referral program. Simple, Complex or Gamified – you decide!


Flexible and robust to design customer referral programs with customer referral events so that you can reward your referrer perfectly!

Customer Offers and Events

Implement exciting reward awards and custom referral events for your customers to bring along their loved ones in their journey with your brand

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Badges and Leaderboards

Make referral fun and motivating with the setup of badges and leaderboards so that your customers know they are recognised for their contribution to your brand

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Gamification and Milestones

Gamify the referral experience and set achievable milestones, helping your customers to win big with referral and helping your brand acquire the right

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When someone shares,
Everyone Wins!

75% of people don’t believe advertisements but 92% believe brand recommendations from friends.

Froogal allows you to track custom referral events so that you can reward people who refer friends who complete a specific action, e.g: creates an account on your website, makes a purchase, schedules a call, or even a specific product purchase etc.

Expanding Customer Base

A referral program can rapidly expand your customer base as satisfied customers share their experiences with friends and family, drawing in new customers.

Enhancing Customer Loyalty

Rewarding referrals not only attracts new customers but also nurtures loyalty among your current ones, fostering a deeper connection with your brand.

Boosting Brand Trust

Referrals from acquaintances carry immense trust. By encouraging referrals, you boost your brand’s credibility, influencing potential customers’ decisions positively.

Promote your referral program across marketing channels and offer Flexible rewards and incentives.

You can configure Flexible Offers or Incentives to Referee and Referrer

You can Run program omnichannel with Landing Page unique URLs or unique Codes​

You can create multiple programs​

Can create your own reward catalog and also flexible to integrate with third party offers​

Gamify your program to drive remarkable results

Setup Milestones

You can create multiple Milestones based on number of referrals and set bigger incentives to encourage customers to make more referrals and bring new customers for your brand!

Setup Lederboards

You can set up Leaderboards showing customers where they stand and award them badges to make your customer feel motivated to stand on top of the leaderboard to get privileged benefits!

Let’s help you grow your business

Froogal helps you build meaningful relationships with your customers and grow 10X faster. 

With Froogal, Understand your customers on a deeper level, Retain them with value creation, Engage with them by relevance, and Grow your brand by nurturing relationships.