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Froogal is an omni-channel, cloud-based Customer Loyalty & Engagement Platform that pioneers modernized, personalized interactions across various consumer industries, driving incremental revenues by fostering customer-centricity.

We’re transforming the way brands engage with their customers, creating meaningful relationships that drive success and inspire loyalty.

Our Mission ✨

Imagine a world where every customer feels valued, every interaction leaves a lasting impression, and every brand thrives on unwavering loyalty. Businesses effortlessly connect with their customers, anticipate their needs, and exceed their expectations at every turn. Customer churn is a thing from the past, and all customers keep coming back for more.

Froogal is on a mission to make this world a reality.

Our Story

Birth of an idea:

Our story began like many others, with a problem demanding  a solution. 

Having previously run a consumer application, we fully understood the challenge of building a consumer business from the ground up. We witnessed firsthand the struggle of acquiring customers and then retaining their loyalty in an ever-evolving market.

The Quest for Connection

We explored market challenges and found an opportunity: rebuilding the bond between customers and brands. We envisioned a platform for brands to foster meaningful connections.

Thus, our journey started—to bridge the gap and empower brands in a customer-centric world.

From Curiosity to Creation

Fuelled by our strong tech background and armed with a vision for change, we set out to create a platform that would revolutionize customer loyalty &  engagement.

Countless hours of research, brainstorming, and coding followed until finally, Froogal emerged—a guiding light for brands revitalizing their connection with consumers, surpassing expectations.

Our creation is not just capable—it’s intuitive, adaptive, and prepared for any scenario imaginable.

Building the most comprehensive loyalty & engagement platform there exists

Today, Froogal is a testament to our dedication and ingenuity, born from thorough research and deep brand and customer understanding.

Our tech seamlessly integrates into businesses of all sizes, transforming how they engage with customers. Tailoring to each business and customer, our platform forges new relationships, ensuring brand stability, growth, and appeal.

Beyond a mere tool, it reshapes brand and consumer behavior fundamentally.

Our Team

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