The 3R’s – Your Guide to Enhancing Customer Experience

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Building programs around attention, trying to be the loudest in the market or spraying content about how amazing your product or service is will not always build you the trust, rapport and loyalty among your customers. Apart from the hard facts and numbers customers look for before making a decision, they are also influenced by their subconscious decisions which are followed by a logical chain of events by which the mind’s ability to perceive the input and decision making is made easier. 

Listening to the heartbeat of your customers! Yes, such a figurative way of listening has also been important in loyalty marketing and is one of the primary things which makes the customers feel elite. These simple words might not be the treasure for a brand but it will sure act as a treasure map towards loyalty. These 3 R’s blah blah blah 


At the most basic level, rewards are the transactional part of the program. All loyalty programs must offer some type of reward to those who join. It’s the thank-you that you give people for inculcating a behavior and allowing you to gain insights into what they value as consumers. Rewards also come under hard benefits. Try giving a discount, a chance to earn points, or rewarding them with gift cards etc. 

One common challenge for brands is to create an easy-to-understand loyalty program. If joining a loyalty program requires a lengthy application it will raise the common ‘why do you need this information?’ in the customers. So, find the sweet spot, where you help the customer know how to get the reward and streamline the process of claiming the rewards. They shouldn’t work too hard to get that reward. It makes it simple for them to join your program and reap the benefits.


It is a way that shows your customer that you appreciate them for choosing and preferring your brand or business to your competitor. How a brand recognizes and responds to customers from the moment they join a program will be very critical in building long-term loyalty. It also fosters an important emotional connection with the customers. The important part of the importance of recognition is that the customers don’t want to be just numbers to a brand. They want to receive value for being loyal towards a brand. 

This makes sure that the customer feels that the brand is being generous and not just attempting to get the customers to spend more money. 


In a world that throws more information at customers than pick-up lines at a singles bar (or balls in the hoop), the last thing they would do is to process your message apart from all the other messages they get. Most of them might be tired and exhausted by the time they read your message. Keep it relevant! As hard as it might take to practice, quality is better from quantity in the case of customer loyalty. 

This relevance personalizes the reward experience. It involves leveraging customer data in meaningful ways. Looking at the entire customer journey will help you weave rewards accordingly. It is not just about saving money or providing coupons, relevance helps brands to upsell and cross sell, go beyond the norm, and deepen their engagement and relationship with the customers over time. 

Clearly, customer loyalty pays off. Yet, many brands fail to capitalize on customer behavior patterns. The main reason for this being that the coupon business is nearly not enough to drive brand loyalty. It is the emotional connection with customers that makes your brand stand out of the competition. 

Looking ahead, loyalty programs can be a valuable tool to encourage consumers to make responsible choices that benefit themselves, the earth and the community. And by expanding into new areas of member relevance in such sectors such as government, health care and non-profits, loyalty can avail itself to a wider market while driving social consciousness.

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