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Cultivate enduring connections that drive sustained customer return, outpacing the competition. Unlike the 90% of loyalty programs using traditional methods, Froogal empowers you to launch aspirational and contextual loyalty strategies, elevating repeat sales by 5X.

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Loyalty: The New Acquisition Strategy

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Give The Right Rewards

Offer your customers rewards and experiences that authentically mirror their interactions with your brand, creating moments of delight that resonate


Data-Driven Loyalty

Utilize unique customer attributes to personalize incentives based on different transaction or non-transaction activities.


Tiered & Goal Oriented

Customize gratifications based on customer spends and visits, challenging them to ascend through different levels of benefits.

Who Said Loyalty Programs have to be Boring?

Earn & Burn Loyalty

Earn & Burn Loyalty

Spend Based, Visit Based, Points to Cash & Points to Freebie.

Tiered Loyalty

Tiered Loyalty

Boost spending with tiered rewards as customers engage and spend more.

Perks Based Loyalty

Perks Based Loyalty

Offer tailored rewards, personalized offers, and VIP treatment to your best customers.

Gamified Loyalty

Gamified Loyalty

Engage customers through interactive campaigns.

Loyalty Communities

Loyalty Communities

Craft ready-to-redeem rewards for every community.

Coalition Loyalty

Coalition Loyalty

Flexible points redeemable across partner brands for a win-win.

Lifestyle Loyalty

Lifestyle Loyalty

Tailor rewards based on customer lifestyle choices.

Paid Loyalty

Paid Loyalty

Premium benefits and exclusive discounts for prepaid loyalty.

Hybrid Loyalty

Hybrid Loyalty

Merge programs for a tailored loyalty strategy.

Cross - Channel Loyalty

Cross - Channel Loyalty

Build brand partnerships for long-term engagement and visibility.

Value - Based Loyalty

Value - Based Loyalty

Incentivize customers for contributing to social causes.

Subscription Based loyalty

Subscription Based loyalty

Increase LTV with a subscription-based models and keep them coming back to you.

Multi Loyalty

Multi Loyalty

Simultaneously design multiple unique loyalty programs for maximized brand revenue.

Build Brand Loyalty Effortlessly!

Ensure effortless earning and redemption both in-store and online across purchases, eCommerce transactions, and referrals, making loyalty accessible and straightforward.

Dynamic, Customizable Microsite & SDKs

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Open API Infrastructure & Highly Scalable

Provide analytics on average speed, top speed, and energy efficiency to help users improve their riding experience.

Comprehensive Dashboard with Performance Metrics

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World's Most Powerful Loyalty Engine with Flexible Rules and Mechanics

Loyalty Programs

Create your unique rewards model that aligns with your brand, elevates retention KPIs, and ensures customer loyalty. Whether opting for a Points, Spend-based, Visit-based, Cashback model, or a dynamic hybrid strategy, Froogal is your ultimate solution!

Earn & Burn Rules

Intricately design how your customers earn and redeem rewards. Enjoy the flexibility to define what, when, and where they earn, while also granting them the freedom to redeem seamlessly with specified mechanics.

Redemption Logic

Easily set conditions for your customers’ earned rewards – whether tied to a specific bill amount, purchase of a particular product, or defining maximum redemption values. Total Control, Total Customization!

Preview & Expiration

Shipping your products or services? With Froogal, let customers preview their potential rewards before purchase and release them upon successful delivery, ensuring they enjoy the benefits. Additionally, set customized expiration rules based on customer behavior.

Currency Conversion

Operating in multiple countries? Froogal empowers you to execute global loyalty programs effortlessly, enabling customers to seamlessly convert rewards earned in one country to another, following straightforward currency conversion rules.

Returns & Refunds

Handle returns and refunds seamlessly with Froogal. Let customers hold rewards until the grace period ends, releasing them post that for benefits. If a return or refund is requested, easily reverse the rewards.

Transfer Rewards

The biggest impact on loyalty of your customers with your brand is when you also allow your customers to share their rewards with friends and family. Froogal helps you set up reward transfers with custom logic.

3rd Party Rewards

Forge emotional connections with your customers by integrating rewards into their daily lifestyle. Elevate rewards beyond expectations by collaborating with other brands to provide exclusive discounts, offers, and gift vouchers for their purchases.

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Intelligent CRM

Seamlessly collect diverse data, establish a dynamic single source of truth, and elevate decision-making. Know More!

Loyalty Engine

Implement complex loyalty programs with minimal effort and time. Exceed KPI’s with contextual and emotional rewarding. Know More!

Experience Manager

Capturing real-time feedback  and actionable CSAT/NPS insights across channels. Know More!

Actionable Insights

Uncover key insights, segment customers, and personalize campaigns for unparalleled ROIs across all channels. Know More!

Offer Engine

Delight your customers with attractive discounts and exciting offers. Know More


Keep your customers hooked to your brand through exciting and engaging marketing campaigns across channels. Know More!

Referral Engine

Make your customers your ultimate brand promoters, helping you achieve desired goals of the business. Know More

Digital Ordering

Boost  your online orders and make it easy for your guests to get exactly what they want over and over again. Know More

Gift Cards

Fuel demand and and rekindle loyalty by offering a diverse range of gift cards. Know More!

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