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6 ways to exceed customer expectations What differentiates companies like Apple, Amazon, Zappos from the rest? Quite simple – the quality of NOT settling for the mediocre. This trait is infused in their daily philosophy of conducting business; successful brands consistently deliver more than what is expected of them and find a way to wow […]

Bring some fun into Customer Engagement with Gamification Gamification! While the term itself might be one of the latest buzzwords in the business world, the idea itself is nowhere new. In fact, using gaming tactics and games as such to engage customers is something credit card companies, airlines and other businesses have been doing for […]

4 Examples of effective loyalty programs in F&B Industry Here are 4 examples of effective loyalty programs in the food and beverage industry, split between restaurant locations and retailers of food/beverage products.   Happy Way’s Happyway Fam Happy Way is an organic and natural health snack brand from Australia with a best-in-class rewards program. In […]

3 Reasons why Retailers love NPS It’s all about the experience, making your customers happy in a way that they keep buying from you.   Determining how effective your business is at making customers happy is essential because, more often than not, brands have a tendency to overestimate just how pleased their customers are. This [...]