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Froogal CRM delivers on its promises, revealing valuable insights to boost brand efficiency and optimize data investments. Seamlessly collect diverse data, establish a dynamic single source of truth, and elevate decision-making.

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360 Degree View

Froogal CRM aggregates guest data from all interactions, offering a panoramic 360-degree view. Understand buying behavior, enhance experiences with personalization, and make informed decisions. Break free from silos and focus on meaningful insights.


Customer Segmentation

Segment your customer base into specific groups based on shared characteristics, behaviors, and preferences to engage strategically.


Engage Seamlessly

Froogal CRM enables seamless omnichannel interactions and strategic hyper-personalization. It meticulously traces customer journeys across POS, online platforms, and beyond. Forge deep connections with your audience by precisely engaging them wherever they are in their journey.

Data Managed Right.

Seamless Data Collection

Seamless Data Collection

Collect zero and first party data from QR codes to URL Redirects in both physical and online promotions. Monitor acquisition rates across all channels, customize forms, and incentivize customers to share their personal information effortlessly.

Powerful, Robust & Scalable Data Infrastructure

Powerful, Robust & Scalable Data Infrastructure

Froogal CRM centralizes data, integrating from various sources – offline/online stores, app/web activity, third-party data, and campaign responses. Unlike 1:1 integrations, Froogal empowers marketers with enhanced visibility, control, and flexibility for effective personalized marketing.

Integrate 3rd Party CDPs

Integrate 3rd Party CDPs

Enhance the significance of CRM data by seamlessly integrating with third-party CDPs. Unlock the potential by incorporating our core solutions, including loyalty programs, referrals, dynamic offer engines, and an array of advanced features.

Actionable Insights & Reporting

Actionable Insights & Reporting

Experience the power of Froogal dashboards  for a fully customizable view. From a high-level brand performance overview to granular details, empower yourself with insights to make informed decisions.

What makes our CRM intelligent?

Precise Insights

Unveiling customers’ behaviors by hour and day. We integrate loyalty, experience, and purchase data to forge everlasting bonds.

Targeted Interaction Data

Providing marketing and store teams with relevant insights for more meaningful customer engagement beyond the capabilities of POS systems.

Comprehensive Offline Integration

Integrating diverse offline data, including store transactions, interactions & promotions, surpassing simple online data connections.

Zero-Party Data Enrichment

Going beyond mere collection to enrich data quality through features such as loyalty nudges, forms, etc. both on our platform and externally.

We help you achieve anything you want.

Integrated Identity Resolution

Integrate identities, engagement data, orders, loyalty, marketing journeys, and privacy management across all touchpoints.

Exemplary Proactive Marketing

Personalized messaging across relevant channels, enabling effective promotions and loyalty programs based on Froogal CRM data.

Advanced Customer Segmentation

Segment your customer base into specific groups based on shared characteristics, behaviors, and preferences to engage strategically

Integration With External Data Sources

Seamlessly integrate with external CDPs / data sources and POS make your CRM the richest single source of truth.

Power Your Future

With the World’s Most Comprehensive Loyalty & Engagement Platform

Intelligent CRM

Seamlessly collect diverse data, establish a dynamic single source of truth, and elevate decision-making. Know More!

Loyalty Engine

Implement complex loyalty programs with minimal effort and time. Exceed KPI’s with contextual and emotional rewarding. Know More!

Experience Manager

Capturing real-time feedback  and actionable CSAT/NPS insights across channels. Know More!

Actionable Insights

Uncover key insights, segment customers, and personalize campaigns for unparalleled ROIs across all channels. Know More!

Offer Engine

Delight your customers with attractive discounts and exciting offers. Know More


Keep your customers hooked to your brand through exciting and engaging marketing campaigns across channels. Know More!

Referral Engine

Make your customers your ultimate brand promoters, helping you achieve desired goals of the business. Know More

Digital Ordering

Boost  your online orders and make it easy for your guests to get exactly what they want over and over again. Know More

Gift Cards

Fuel demand and and rekindle loyalty by offering a diverse range of gift cards. Know More!

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