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Make customized, complex promotional scenarios easy to implement, manage, and track at scale.


Personalized Coupons

Craft compelling and personalized promotional campaigns at scale using digital coupons and vouchers tailored to your customers’ preferences and timing.


Coupon Stacking

Define granular coupon stacking rules and discount hierarchy. Let customers maximize savings with up to 30 stackable offers. Protect margins by defining which offers can be stacked and under what conditions.


Coupon Redemption Rules

Tailor the terms and conditions of your coupon offers to meet your specific marketing goals and operational needs.

We make things easy for you.

Omnichannel Coupon Sharing

Omnichannel Coupon Sharing

Quickly share digital coupons via any channel such as email, SMS, mobile apps,  e-Commerce platforms or POS systems. Let customers redeem promo codes anytime, anywhere.

Track Your ROI

Track Your ROI

Take a deep dive into individual members’ coupon usage to help you build a powerful coupon marketing strategy, reducing your overall marketing costs and increasing sales.

API Infrastructure

API Infrastructure

With a flexible API and enterprise-ready infrastructure, you can avoid tasks that require technical know-how. After one-time integration, your marketing team can create and manage coupon campaigns on their own.

Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention

Prevent fraudulent redemption by generating unique codes, setting up expiration dates and implementing redemption restrictions.

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Intelligent CRM

Seamlessly collect diverse data, establish a dynamic single source of truth, and elevate decision-making. Know More!

Loyalty Engine

Implement complex loyalty programs with minimal effort and time. Exceed KPI’s with contextual and emotional rewarding. Know More!

Experience Manager

Capturing real-time feedback  and actionable CSAT/NPS insights across channels. Know More!

Actionable Insights

Uncover key insights, segment customers, and personalize campaigns for unparalleled ROIs across all channels. Know More!

Offer Engine

Delight your customers with attractive discounts and exciting offers. Know More


Keep your customers hooked to your brand through exciting and engaging marketing campaigns across channels. Know More!

Referral Engine

Make your customers your ultimate brand promoters, helping you achieve desired goals of the business. Know More

Digital Ordering

Boost  your online orders and make it easy for your guests to get exactly what they want over and over again. Know More

Gift Cards

Fuel demand and and rekindle loyalty by offering a diverse range of gift cards. Know More!

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