Intelligent CDP

We help brands build meaningful relationships with their customers by understanding who they are, what they do, what their preferences are, and reveal novel insights to personalise experiences at scale.

Single Customer View

Froogal helps you centralize customer data from both Offline and Online points, giving you a 360 degree view and understanding of a customer.

Automated Data Collection

Froogal helps you collect data digitally through multiple touch points such as physical and online promotions through QR codes and URL Redirects. Track Acquisition Rates across every channel. You can customize the forms and tag incentives for encouraging customers to share their personal information.

Powerful, Robust, Scalable
and Data Infrastructure

Froogal’s unique customer data platform unifies your data into a central database, integrating information from multiple data-sources: first-part raw data offline and online stores, user app/web activity, third-party data and any campaigns responses history. Unlike other solutions that simply create one-to-one integrations from one application to another, Froogal gives marketers more visibility, control, and flexibility over their customer data so they can effectively execute their Personalised marketing!

“Froogal has created a remarkable impact on overall growth of our business, to build true loyalty and customer satisfaction with operational efficiency. We have seen commentable growth in our customer spending behaviors with an absolute 30% growth in revenue after using Froogal.”

Suryadevera Ramanaidu

Founder, Biryanis & More (

Let’s help you grow your business

Froogal helps you build meaningful relationships with your customers and grow 10X faster. 

With Froogal, Understand your customers on a deeper level, Retain them with value creation, Engage with them by relevance, and Grow your brand by nurturing relationships.