Build a Loyal Fanbase
with Froogal's Most Powerful Loyalty Engine

Reward every customer uniquely and engage with them to keep them coming back to your Business by identifying their desired behaviour that can boost your Revenues with a perfect ROI.

Froogal Loyalty Engine

Highly Customisable, helps you create and enable Omni channel rewards for your Customers across 

multiple touch points that extends your Customer Lifetime Value exponentially.

Give the Right Rewards

Give the Right Rewards

Offer your customers rewards and experiences that best reflect their interactions with your brand and delight them!

Data Drive Loyalty

Data Drive Loyalty

Use unique customers attributes to personalize incentives in any way you or your customers want based on different transaction or non-transaction activities.

Easy to use & Robust

Easy to use & Robust

Offer your customers rewards and experiences that best reflect their interactions with your brand and delight them!

Multi Tiered and Goal Oriented

Multi Tiered and Goal Oriented

Gratify customers uniquely based on spends and visits . Challenge them and get them hooked to earn their way to the top levels of your benefits offerings. Design business specific loyalty programs that drive actionable outcomes.

Build Loyalty

Build Loyalty

Make loyalty easy for every customer by making it effortless to earn and redeem in-store & online, across purchases, eCommerce and also through referrals.

Are you looking to Launch a Right Loyalty Program?

Earn & Burn

Easy to implement, Convenient to Use and Highly Customisable, Spend Based, Visit Based, Points to Cash & Points to Freebie programs.

Tiered Programs

Encourage your customers to spend more to access tier based benefits

Perks Programs

Gift your customers the feeling of Exclusivity with perks 

Gamified Programs

Gamify your campaigns to engage with your customers 

Loyalty Communities

Create Relevant & ready to redeem rewards for every community

Coalition Loyalty

Create flexible and accessible loyalty points that can be redeemed from partnered brands. This makes your program valuable and a win – win for both customers & brand partners

Lifestyle Loyalty

Crete rewards for your customers based on their lifestyle choices. 

Paid Loyalty

Build a loyalty program where customers pay in advance to get your premium benefits and exclusive discounts

Hybrid Loyalty

Merge two or more of the loyalty programs and create a strategy that works best with your business

Cross Channel Loyalty

Build brand partnerships through third – party reward and increase long terms customer engagement and brand visibility

Value Program

Design programs that rewards customer when they give back to society.

Multi Loyalty

Design multiple and unique loyalty programs simultaneously for increased brand revenue

World's Most Powerful Loyalty Engine
with Flexible Rules and Mechanics

Loyalty Models

Decide a rewards model that suits your brand which drives all your retention KPIs and at the same time keeps your customers intact with your brand. Whether you have to make a choice of adopting Points model, Spend based model, Visit based model, cashback model, or a hybrid strategy combining multiple loyalty models – Froogal is the solution for you!

Earning and Burning Rules

Froogal enables you to configure complex mechanics of how your customers can earn and burn their rewards with a flexibility of what they can earn, when they can earn, where they can earn, and at the same time allowing them to burn with all mechanics of what, when and where!

Redemption Logic

You can always easily apply conditions to all your customer earned rewards, whether they have to make a bill of specific amount, buy a specific product, maximum value they can redeem while they are redeeming their rewards!

Pending & Expiration

Are you shipping your products or services? Froogal can allow your customers to see what rewards they are going to earn and then release their rewards after successful delivery of products to enjoy the benefits. And you can also set all types of expiration rules based on the behavior of your customers

Currency Conversion

Froogal allows you to run global loyalty programs. Wow! If you are operating business in multiple countries, you can allow your customer to convert their rewards earned in one country to convert them to another country based on currency conversion rules in simple steps. 

Returns & Refunds

Are you having return or refund policies for products or services that you sell? Froogal can allow your customer to hold the rewards till the grace period and then release their rewards to enjoy the benefits. And if the Customer requests for a return or refund during the period, you can always reverse the rewards.

Transfer of Rewards

The biggest impact on loyalty of your customers with your brand is when you also allow your customers to share their rewards with friends and family. Froogal helps you set up reward transfers with custom logic.

3rd Party Rewards

Allow your customers to emotionally connect with your brand by enabling rewards that are part of their regular lifestyle. Extend rewards just out of the box by partnering with other brands in extending exclusive discounts, offers, gift vouchers for their purchases!

Open API Infrastructure &
Highly Scalable

Modular & Flexible Rest APIs

Build with the most advanced loyalty API and connect to any frontends or third-party applications you choose

Highly scalable cloud platform

Rely on highly-resilient cloud infrastructure that ensures the operation of your digital projects at all times.

Support for any front-end applications

Introduce tailor-made loyalty mechanics with personalized user experiences at any touchpoint.

Microservices-Ready Architecture

Use appropriate architecture and easily implement, manage, or swap your toolset.

Dynamic, Customisable
Microsite & SDKs

Enhance your loyalty strategy by becoming truly omnichannel in simple steps without coding. Quickly get your Loyalty program hooked on to your Website or Mobile Apps using our Microsite and SDKs with the configuration controller customizing as per your brand theme and assets.

“Froogal has created a remarkable impact on overall growth of our business, to build true loyalty and customer satisfaction with operational efficiency. We have seen commentable growth in our customer spending behaviors with an absolute 30% growth in revenue after using Froogal.”

Suryadevera Ramanaidu

Founder, Biryanis & More (

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