Froogal Loyalty Engine is highly Customizable, helps you create and enable Omnichannel rewards program for your Customers that extends your Customer Lifetime Value.

Give the Right Rewards

Offer your customers rewards and experiences that best reflect their interactions with your brand and delight them!

Data Driven Loyalty

Use unique customer attributes to personalise incentives in any way you or your customers want based on different transaction or non-transaction activities!

Multi-tiered and Goal Oriented

Gratify customers uniquely based on spends and visits and Get them hooked or challenge them to earn their way to the top levels of your benefits offerings. And every program is possible based on business needs!

Build Loyalty - Everywhere

Make loyalty easy for every customer, making it effortless to earn and redeem in-store and online, across purchases, eCommerce, payments or referrals.

Easy to Use and Robust

Froogal Loyalty Platform is cloud based, It can be used independently without POS integrations, and can track your customers rewards all at one place, with easy redemptions methods!

Retain your Customer Now!