Keeping your Customers Happy
is the Utmost Importance!

Froogal helps you track real-time satisfaction and sentiment of your customers across all touchpoints of customers and provide actionable insights.

A Feedback System that perfectly fits into your business!

Powerful Customer Feedback Software and Survey App works the Fastest way to collect real-time and offline feedback from customers, employees and patients. Get detailed and actionable reports that help you build meaningful & delightful relationships with your customers.

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Features & Benefits


Why paper feedback when we can go digital and make it an interactive experience for the customer? Collect the feedback from customers via online channels and track real time data of how and what the customers are experiencing in terms of the staff, services, and more both via online and offline channels.

Besides the engagement aspect, win your guests with impressive and interactive feedback forms that not just match your brand identity but also represent your relationship with the customers.


Configure questions as per your business needs and touch points, and take relevant feedback/action to enhance your customer’s experience. For example, it could either be product specific or experience based or support based, our forms can be customised to help you track the feedback at the right points. 


Track the Net promoter score and draw insights on who your promoters are and who your detractors are. This analysis will help you direct your resources appropriately in either cross-selling and upselling opportunities or your customer experience improvement. 

Feedback Analytics

Track and analyze your CSAT scores in real time across your offline and online touch points after every purchase, and also understand product or service level ratings to improvise your services and understand the customer referrals prospects.

Create a private and two-way communication channel for quick feedback resolutions, driving better visit frequency and decreased churn rate!

Build trust in your customers and increase your sales like a pro. Take your brand to the new height.

Quick Insights

Have quick insights about the customer feedback received in real-time after every purchase across your business locations.

Automate Responding

Respond and address each customer’s feedback by sending automated SMSs and Emails. Allow customers to reply easily on your response to their feedback.

Let's monitor the engagement

Respond and address each customer’s feedback by sending automated SMSs and Emails. Allow customers to reply easily on your response to their feedback.

Froogal dashboard’s has enabled us to respond to customers' feedback one on one, like how we interact with customers directly with custom messaging , Which has helped us truly focus on reducing customer churn and get them indulged with Cream Stone’s heartful experience.

Franklin Flavin

General Manager, Cream Stone Concepts

Let us help you grow your business

Froogal helps you build meaningful relationships with your customers and grow 10X faster. 

With Froogal, Understand your customers on a deeper level, Retain them with value creation, Engage with them by relevance, and Grow your brand by nurturing relationships.