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Why is customer feedback necessary?

Why is customer feedback necessary?

Think of this – you cooked a meal. You have spent hours on it. Just when you thought you were all set, you can ask your family or colleagues to take a quick look at it and taste it. And they tell you things that could have been done better using different spices or ingredients, something that you entirely missed. The same applies to products, software, or services. Since you have built the product, you know how to use it and how you want to improve it. However, there are plenty of ideas that you wouldn’t have thought of.

For a customer, they don’t know the product from the outside and wished some parts of it could have been built better. That’s why you need to ask for feedback from your customers. They don’t just tell you what’s wrong with your product but they also tell what can make the product better. This helps you streamline your product to match your customers’ needs. Sometimes, you’d be surprised to see that your customers use your product quite differently than you intended it for.

Customer Feedback Types: 

Appealed  — This kind of feedback is received from the customer when you ask for it. This could be in the form of surveys, CSATs (Customer satisfaction scores), responses to newsletters or in-app messages.

Self Motivated  — This is the kind of feedback that customers volunteer to share with you. Some of these include messages on social channels, support tickets, etc.

Observed — This type of feedback is what you can gather by monitoring your customers’ interactions with your products, the discussions they participate in on forums, the help articles they click on, etc.

All of the feedback can be tracked or monitored with the help of Froogal’s feedback platform. Now that you’ve collected information and data, what do you do with it? The first step is to sort them into actionable categories. Here is a list of common categories.

  • New feature requests
  • Issues and bugs
  • User interface issues
  • Not enough self-help/documentation
  • Billing 
  • Miscellaneous (what cannot be categorized) 
  • Dissatisfied customers typically share their experience with 8 to 10 people

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