The Power of Customer Loyalty & Data for B2C Brands

| 21st November, 2020 | 17:00 IST | 22:30 ACT | 9:00 PT|

Success of any business depends highly on customer satisfaction. With advanced technology, the process of customer data collection has got simpler and efficient. However, it only gets harder for brands to unlock the true potential of the customer data while executing customer retention strategies.

Join us this Saturday, with Rahul Vasu Head of Loyalty, Analytics and CRM of Reliance Industries Limited as he decodes the power of using data in building lifetime successful customer loyalty for your brand. Rahul Vasu has 19+ years of experience in the areas of Loyalty, Analytics, Customer Experience & CRM working across industry verticals like Hospitality, Consulting, E-commerce & Retail with organizations like PAYBACK India, Flipkart Internet & Future Group.

In this webinar we will discuss: 

+ How Customer Data fuels Loyalty Program

+ Customer Loyalty through Deep Discounts – Is it reliable?

+ Building a successful Coalition Program.

+ How to measure Customer Loyalty

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