The Power of Offline-Online Campaign (Phygital Tool – Froogal)

The Power of Offline-Online Campaign (Phygital Tool – Froogal)

Study shows that 82% of customers will browse mobile even if they are in a physical store, looking for reviews or deals even before speaking with a sales associate.We are in times when consumers are present in both physical and digital worlds. Many would prefer online platforms for purchasing, while others use both methods. For example, customers can explore products in a store and make payments using the app. It is a seamless experience where the two worlds merge – physical and digital. This allows customers to shop wherever they are -Anytime, Anywhere.Businesses can offer a great phygital experience to their customers by using a Froogal Phygital tool. It makes the user experience smarter and unique for customers.

By using phygital, brands can create offline and online campaigns to reach out to their customers and offer a great shopping experience. This way, you can tap into all kinds of customers. Ones are those who are using a physical means to make that purchase and ones who are slowly moving towards digital platforms.

Don’t you think your customers will love a phygital experience?

Discover more about phygital marketing and how you can use it to build engagement:

What is phygital marketing?

Phygital is a coined term for omnichannel marketing which combines two platforms. Physical + digital = Phygital.

Phygital marketing takes the best aspects of real-life and the online world for a seamless customer experience. In this approach, all marketing channels work together to give a completely seamless experience to the customers. The idea behind phygital is to combine the two worlds – physical and digital to offer a unique experience to the customers.A growing online and offline culture gives immense opportunities to businesses to tap more customers and offer them a wonderful phygital experience.The ultimate goal of going phygital is to provide unique and highly personalized shopping experiences. It is possible with an omnichannel platform. Not only does it enhance the consumer experience, but it also gives more selling opportunities to businesses.

Phygital Application in Marketing

Immediacy, immersion, and Speed are the three pillars of phygital marketing.
Immediacy: Things happen at an exact moment
Immersion: The user experience

Interaction: Channels that activate the phygital and emotional part of the purchasing process.You might wonder, how does it work? The concept is simple – integration of online and offline platforms in a shopping experience. Phygital marketing merges online and offline marketing strategies to create one cohesive experience for each customer.

In phygital marketing, QR codes are integrated into a traditional form of marketing like online ads. When customers see the advertisement and scan the QR code, that will take them directly to the link where customers can complete the purchase. Great! With phygital, customers can take immediate action without giving second thoughts. This way, customers can make an immediate purchase before going to a physical store to complete the purchase. Phygital can be integrated with social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. For example, while browsing, customers will see the advertisement, and they can click on the page and buy it using the code. Later, they can explore the product at a physical store to check the quality.

A great marketing tactic for the retail business encourages customers to make a quick purchase.

Why should you go for offline-online marketing?

Moving from one to two-dimensional work in favor of retail businesses. According to a survey, online-offline integration increases the competitive advantage and improves customer experience.

Connecting your online store to the physical retail network will offer convenience to the customers and encourage them to buy products without any delay. Isn’t that what they want? A blend of both gives the best of both worlds and increases your chances of selling.

Benefits of an offline and online campaign:

Seamless customer journey

Customers want convenience. As a brand, you should be able to fulfill this expectation. It means allowing your customers to buy products wherever they are, in-store or online. By introducing a phygital tool, you can offer a seamless experience to your customers using both physical and digital platforms. It can help customers access a wide range of products and services, encourage them to buy at the nearest store and pay with their phone, click and collect.

With a phygital platform, your customers can easily make purchases. And can collect, return, or exchange products using multiple platforms. Shopping becomes hassle-free and seamless with phygital.

Improved in-store experience

The first thing a customer does is look around when entering a store. It is impossible to explore every section at once. Probably, customers get bored and decide to buy what they can see, or if there is a price issue, they will not buy at all. Augmented reality is an advanced form of phygital experience. It can take the shopping experience to a whole new level. Customers can try the products using the platform and pay immediately.A hassle-free and the quick shopping experience is only possible with an omnichannel platform.

It gives options to customers for buying the products using different platforms – making the experience exciting and easy.The time has come that brick-and-mortar businesses move from a single platform to two to provide a great customer experience. Offline and online integration allows customers to purchase wherever they are shopping, in-store or online. They will not face issues while purchasing if you have an omnichannel platform.

Amazon Go is the best example of applying phygital experience in real-time. Amazon Go grocery has 20 locations in the US. Customers don’t have to wait in line to make a payment. They have to scan a code on their smartphones and pick the product, and they can leave without any need to interact with anyone.Brick and mortar can offer similar experiences using Phygital tools. No doubt, the day is not far when the majority of customers will appreciate the phygital experience.

Customer engagement

The time has come for retailers to move past a physical presence and find ways to connect with customers using different channels – even if the sale happens at a store. Going phygital is the best option in the digital era. Customers embrace phygital experience that makes shopping easier.

A shopper’s experience with a brand doesn’t take place at one point in time. It is more diverse than before website, social media. The perceptions are formed at different points such as a recommendation from a friend, website, social media, etc. Customers are ex[loring products using both offline and online methods. Customers, too are phygital because they are using both platforms.

If you can offer multiple platforms for shopping to customers, they will buy more and in a convenient way. You have to think beyond your store’s presence and integrate other channels into your marketing strategy. This is where businesses can leverage the power of offline and online campaigns.

Personalized offers

With the help of data collection tools, businesses can create amazing offline and online experiences for customers. Phygital marketing becomes more powerful when combined with customer data. Businesses can offer better product recommendations and elevate the overall experience.

Merge the two worlds for a seamless experience

When a customer visits a store, they come with a certain expectation related to the product and service. If the quality of the product is great online but later, does not meet the expectations. The overall experience results in disappointment. Hence, retailers need to understand customer expectations of preferring both online and offline platforms for shopping – to make shopping easier.Phygital marketing is here to stay.

This concept makes customers smart shoppers and offers a unique experience. It is true that when a customer gets more than expected, they feel delighted. And making customers happy is the goal of any business.

Froogal Phygital tool

If you want to wow your customers, adopt a Phygital concept by integrating offline and online platforms for marketing.

Froogal offers automated Phygital tools for online and offline campaigns, which helps in engaging customers and elevating the customer experience. Automation not only saves time, but it also allows business leaders to increase revenue and build a connection with customers.

Froogal Phygital is a powerful tool that allows you to provide a seamless experience for your customers anytime and anywhere through engaging, trackable, and action-oriented insights! Track ROI on every campaign launched by your brand marketing team in real-time!

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