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The Science of Gamification - Why your business needs it You have probably heard a lot about gamification lately. How it makes routine tasks fun and motivates users to engage. Although we know it does all that, do you know how it works and the science behind this amazing gamification concept? Understanding this will help [...]
The Power of Offline-Online Campaign (Phygital Tool - Froogal) Study shows that 82% of customers will browse mobile even if they are in a physical store, looking for reviews or deals even before speaking with a sales associate.We are in times when consumers are present in both physical and digital worlds. Many would prefer online [...]
10 Exciting Rewards to Engage your customers Do you know what is one of your biggest assets? Engaged customers. Customers who are fully engaged represent a 23 percent higher share in profitability, revenue, and relationship growth. As the study suggests, customer engagement adds value to the brand and ensures the overall success of the reward [...]
The Secret to Winning Lifetime Customer According to a survey, 65% of a company's profits come from previous customers & businesses miss out on $1.6 trillion from losing customers to a competitor. Loyal customers are like precious jewels for businesses. They can’t afford to lose them. With new brands coming up, businesses need to think [...]

Data-Driven Loyalty Program – Future of 2021 60% of businesses encountered improved customer experience across various devices and touchpoints using customer analytics, and 44% of enterprises are acquiring more customers using data in loyalty programs. Technology has evolved over the years so the customer behavior. A lot can be done with data-driven programs in terms […]