Five ways to engage your customers on Social media

Five effective ways to engage your customer on Social Media

Did you know? Globally, over 3.6 billion people use social media, and the number is predicted to only grow 4.41 billion in 2025. Now that’s a huge number!

Customer engagement is all about inspiring your customers to interact with your brand. Encouraging them to participate in the experiences that you create for them using different platforms, mediums and approaches.

When your customers are engaged, they are happier and more likely to buy and refer to your brand. Hence, engaging your customer is crucial for every business.

You might wonder, why should you engage your customers on social media?

A growing online culture has changed the way customers approach a brand. They can search your products anytime anywhere on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. If you want your target audience to find you on any of these platforms, you need to strengthen your social media presence.

A strong social media presence deepens your relationship with your customers, and you can build a new identity that attracts your customers and encourages them to stay loyal with your brand.

Engaging customers on social media is tricky, but if you do it right, you can take your business to the next level, and you can also inspire your loyal customers to stick around.

Here are some easy and effective ways to do that:

Analyze your engagement

Before you start engaging your customers on social media, you need to analyze your social media presence. Count the number of followers, comments, likes, and shares and get the average. By analyzing your social media platforms, you will know where you stand and what you need to improve to build engagement. Always track your customers through CRM platforms regularly to know about the rise or dips in customer engagement. You will know when your customers engage the most and when they are not active.

These insights will give you an idea about your social media status at the current times. As a result, you can plan a better strategy for your customers.

Identify your target Audience

The next step is to find the right audience for your campaign. It’s difficult to get people engaged if you don’t know who your audience is. Many brands make the mistake of not researching enough about their target audience and launch campaigns for everyone.

This is not how social media works.

Identifying the right audience is essential if you want to give unique experiences and generate revenue through your campaign. For identifying your target audience, you need to create buyer personas such as who your current customers are, what are their jobs? Age? Income?

This segmentation will allow you to identify the right audience for your campaign. Once you know your audience, it will be easier to pick the right channel for your campaign. The right channel is where your target audience is.

For example, if the majority of your audience uses Twitter, then this is your primary channel to engage your customers. Instead of covering all social media channels, it is better to stick to one – for better engagement and returns.

Lure your customers with relevant content

Once you know your target audience, now you need to attract their attention towards your brand with attractive content. So what kind of content engages users.

Content that is amazingly helpful to the audience, addresses needs and encourages meaningful discussions.

If you want to win your customers on social media, you have to think about all these factors and create content that your audience likes.

It will be harder to build engagement with generic or sell-oriented content.

For example, if a clothing company shares pics of the latest collection, it may get a few likes, but if it posts about styling or fashion tips, it will make your customer notice your brand because you have addressed the issues they might be facing.

So how can you create amazing content that your customers notice?

Here are some tips:

Do your research: if you want your audience to notice you on social media, you need to research to create relevant posts.

The more relevant your posts, the more success you will have. For example, follow popular accounts, look at what’s trending and what is engaging people. You need to create content that evokes emotions, and your customer finds it valuable. Whatever you create, make sure you give it a personal touch.

Speak their language: think, what language your ideal clients use to communicate their needs or challenges? Try to use a similar tone in your content. If your customers are business leaders, the language should be formal but conversational. Your customers will engage more if you speak their language.

Highly-visual content: People engage better with images. So why not use it to build engagement? You can add infographics, stock images, and relevant images to the posts. An image should give the idea to your customers what you want to convey.

Create attractive images, play with colors, icons, and use stock images to create eye-catchy graphics for your content. The attention span of online users has dropped to 8seconds or less in the past few years. So keep this in mind while creating social media content.

Create a Social Media Strategy

Here comes the most crucial step. Once you know your audience then you need to create a social media strategy that engages them.

For building a winning strategy, set a clear goal. What do you want from social media? What is it you want to achieve? Clear objects will lay the foundation for your strategy. So brainstorm your ideas with your team and set the goal.

Once you set the goal, the next step is to select the channel for your campaign – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram. You can choose 2-3 channels for your campaign but make one a primary where you will engage with your target audience.

Now the most important step is to build a social media calendar. You will have to be consistent on social media if you truly want to build engagement.

A social media calendar allows you to be strategic about your content. A strategic approach works for social media. For example, if you are running a special promotion, you can plan and schedule a post in advance.

You can build the calendar on an excel sheet. Make sure your designing team understands the concept and delivers content in advance so that you can schedule it in advance.

Measuring growth with Social Media Metrics

It’s time to know the impact of your social media strategy. Basically, to figure out whether your social media plan is working or not. Social media metrics are a great way to measure the success of a campaign.

Social media metrics are divided into four key customer journey stages:

Brand awareness – refers to the attention your brand gets across all social media channels during a campaign. You can measure it with mentions, shares, links, and impressions.

Audience growth rate – it measures the speed of how quickly your brand gains followers. You can get the growth rate by measuring your net new followers over some time, and divide your net followers by your total audience and multiply them by 100 to know the growth rate.

Average engagement rate: it is the number of engagements a post receives based on the total number of followers. It is an important metric as it shows how well you engage your followers. High engagement ensures that your campaign is a hit.

These metrics are very important to know if you are successfully engaging your customers or not.

Always keep track of the number of followers, mentions, links, and shares. It will give you a rough idea of whether your audience is engaging or not. If the engagement is low, you can revamp your strategy and add new elements to the design to lure more followers.

To wrap

A successful social media engagement not only makes your brand popular among your target audience but also puts your business in the spotlight. Engaged customers bring profits, brand awareness, and more new customers.

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