6 Ways to Exceed Customer Expectations (Updated in 2021)

6 ways to Exceed Customer Expectations

What differentiates companies like Apple, Amazon, Zappos from the rest? Quite simple – the quality of NOT settling for the mediocre. This trait is infused in their daily philosophy of conducting business; successful brands consistently deliver more than what is expected of them and find a way to wow their customers from time to time.

Here are 6 simple ways by which any business can look to exceed customer expectations and gain loyalty:

1. Collect Customer Feedback

How could you possibly exceed customer expectations without knowing what these expectations are in the first place? How would you know whether your customers love or hate your ambiance? How would you know if staff behavior isn’t something that is bringing your brand reputation down?

All you gotta do is ASK. Ask your customers for their feedback. Get to know what their needs are and only then can you figure out their expectations and devise a way to exceed them. Customer feedback, if leveraged correctly, presents a clear picture of what your brand should be doing in order to surpass expectation levels.

2. Focus on being Omni-channel

As customers become more demanding, they’ve started to explore multiple avenues and channels to interact with businesses. If you truly want to delight customers, omnichannel technology and infrastructure are the key. It ensures that the customer experience you provide across multiple channels – both online and offline – is seamless and consistent and in -sync with your brand reputation.

3. Create a World-class Customer Service Model

The Customer Service function is a vital clog in the entire CX spectrum. And if there’s one thing that gets your customers riled up, it is following up with multiple customer service reps, constantly repeating the issue/complaint at hand, but still not getting a clear and concrete solution.

Your customer service needs to be world-class. And when we say world-class, we don’t mean just the quality. It’s about quality service, NOW! Customers are looking for instant solutions for their problems. Deliver it on time without compromising on the quality and you’ve found your path to wow your customers.

4. Focus on the small things

Often the smallest things make the biggest difference. A smile, a handshake, a thank you. For example, How are your customers greeted as they step into your store? What is the first thing that your Customer Service rep tells a frustrated customer?
If you think that your customer doesn’t pay enough attention to the details, you’re totally wrong. In fact, things that you consider trivial can turn out to be the only differentiator between a delightful experience and an average one.

5. Follow up with your customers

If there is one thing a lot of brands are guilty of today, it is that they don’t follow up with their customers after a sale. How many of you persistently stay in touch with a customer after he’s made a purchase?

For starters, capture your customer’s basic contact info – at least their Phone and email ID. You do that already? Great. But what do you do with it? How about weekly or bi-weekly newsletters? Include info on upcoming promotions, discounts or offers here. Measures like these project the importance that you allocate for your customers.

6. Surprise your customers often

Surprises can totally make one’s day. It provides quite the elation and in most cases, turns a satisfied customer into a delighted one. You might be inclined to ask though, how do you surprise your customers?