Customer Experience Management

Why you need to invest in Customer Experience Management

There are so many wide-ranging benefits of a Customer Experience Management platform. Here, we take a look at some of the most important ones that should get you to start investing in it!


  1. Make Customer Feedback Useful and Important

Most organizations have no clue as to why they collect customer feedback, merely doing it for the sake of it. A Customer Experience Management platform, firstly, eliminates the wastefulness of customer feedback. Also, it makes customer feedback data collection cost-effective. No longer does your business have to deal with cumbersome paper surveys!

By providing a simpler, effective and more intelligent means to reach out to customers for their feedback, a CEM platform lets you see the value in customer feedback data, and also helps improve survey response rates. Moreover, organizations begin to understand the importance of this customer data in shaping processes and policies, and soon collecting feedback becomes a priority and not just another initiative.


  1. Fetch Valuable Customer Insights regularly

The customer feedback data collected is then analyzed by a Customer Experience Management platform before displaying the insights to the business owner, staff in-charge, etc. Data analysis yields customer painpoints that need to be addressed, reasons for customer churn, customer dissatisfaction as well as satisfaction.

  1. Deliver Omni-channel Customer Experiences

The modern-day customer has resorted to using multiple channels while interacting with a brand. Some visit your website, then go to your store or vice versa. Some might visit your store, get an idea of what to purchase, and then order the same via your mobile app. So, from a Brand’s perspective, omni-channel customer experiences have become the need of the hour.

And with a Customer Experience Management system in place, businesses have the opportunity to collect feedback across multiple customer interaction channels – mobile app, in-store, email, website, and so on. This ensures that your brand is present wherever the customer is – you don’t miss out on any responses!


  1. Address Customer Concerns in Real-time

Let’s face it. Customer attention spans are dwindling. Customers are spoilt choice at the same time. One bad experience with your brand could mean ‘game-over’ and that they start going to your competitors. But not when your brand is able to fix their bad experience as and when they happen!

One of the biggest benefits of a CEM platform is its ability to help brands respond to negative customer feedback in real-time. Brand owners, store managers, staff, etc, will get notified the moment a customer leaves a negative feedback. This gives you a more than slight chance to flip their experience. Apologize and offer them a discount or a coupon on their next purchase! In fact, customers would be surprised and happy to see that you are responding to their issues instantly!


  1. Measure and Improve Customer Loyalty

With a Customer Experience Management platform in place, businesses can effortlessly track as well as improve the much-revered Net Promoter Score. NPS, for years, has been the standard measure of customer loyalty and approximately tells you how many customers are actually promoting or criticizing your brand in the outside world.

Brands can ensure that collecting, managing and analyzing NPS is made an organization-wide initiative and that the NPS question is asked across multiple customer interaction channels. There’s also the possibility to benchmark your NPS with the industry standard and also find out the exact steps you need to take in order to improve your score!