Supercharge your business communications while building personal Relationships!

With Froogal you can personalize your campaigns to a Right customer with Right Message at the Right Time via Right channel with Right Offer!


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Smart Marketing Automation Platform for your Brand!

Audience Targeting & Segmentation

Automate your customer journeys and special events, ensuring a smooth experience for your customers along with delightful offers.

Offer Intelligent Rewards

Give rewards and offers to your customers based on purchase behavior, inactivity or demographics with our most dynamic coupon engine. Furthermore, enable winback campaigns with intelligent rewards to capture your near lapse customers.

Campaign Stats Report

Track your Campaign ROIs basis to the type of campaigns at ease. Conversion Rates, Offer Redemption Rates, Revenue Generated, URL Clicks, Views, Engagement rate etc

Audience Targeting & Segmentation

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Upselling and Cross Selling

Track the purchase behaviour of customers to intelligently predefine rewards and communications to take next best sales action to uplift the revenue from the customers.

Dynamic Coupon Engine

Unlimited Coupon Customisation. Build whatever you need and whenever you need it.

Target specific market segments using any customer profile or sales data. Use in-depth customization features like voucher value in percentage or flat, while not limiting to conditions like validity, value based constraints and redemption methods.

Seamless Omnichannel Campaigns

Run powerful and sophisticated campaigns without an army of marketers.

Froogal Platform is integrated with multiple digital channels like SMS, Email, Push Notifications, Whatsapp, Social Media and others to unleash the business potential of reaching out to customers and standing at the right place in the right eyes!

Create Exceptional Customer Journeys

Froogal makes it easy to manage and optimise infinite customer journeys, where each customer is served with the next-best-action.

Automate and send out Relevant Campaigns to your Customer across their journey through the right channels to drive delightful and engaging experience.

  • Creating custom user journeys based on customer behaviours
  • Tagging right communication channels with right offers
  • Increasing Customer Lifetime Value with behavioural based triggers


Always Pickup right strategies
that generates ROI

A/B Testing

Froogal helps you enable A/B testing across Campaign activities planned to easily measure effectiveness of various offers or rewards, CTAs, messaging channels, and more.

Ultimately targeting to maximise the campaigns group to focus on communication that gives better results.

Marketing Attribution

Froogal helps you divide the campaign recipients into test and control groups, running campaigns as a marketing experiment.

This allows you to accurately calculate the incremental impact of each campaign to maximise the true effectiveness of every relationship marketing activity, as well as the ability to report campaign outcomes in terms of any business KPI

“Froogal has created a remarkable impact on overall growth of our business, to build true loyalty and customer satisfaction with operational efficiency. We have seen commentable growth in our customer spending behaviors with an absolute 30% growth in revenue after using Froogal.”

Suryadevera Ramanaidu

Founder, Biryanis & More (

Let us help you grow your business

Froogal helps you build meaningful relationships with your customers and grow 10X faster. 

With Froogal, Understand your customers on a deeper level, Retain them with value creation, Engage with them by relevance, and Grow your brand by nurturing relationships.