7 Ways to Re-engage Your Dormant Customers

7 Ways to Re-engage Your Dormant Customers

44% of companies focus on customer acquisition, while only 18% focus on customer retention.

Any business’s true nightmare is when customers do not return to buy again, nor do they engage with the business in any way.

Who are these customers and why does this happen often, and how do we address it?

Dormant customers are those who are not engaging with your brand anymore. They have simply lost interest.

When you face such a situation, you must try your best to win them back with better engagement tactics. And find out the reasons for their low engagement with your brand asking questions like where could you have gone wrong?

So here are seven effective ways to win your customers back:

Identify your dormant customers using a CRM platform

Every brand holds a unique set of customers. Each unique segment of customers behaves in one way. Depending on your brand or business goals, you can target the right set of customers.

You can use a CRM platform to study your customers. Based on their behavior and purchase patterns, you can segment these customers and identify your dormant customers.

For example, an online food company noticed they had a segment of loyal customers who had ordered more than 10 times a month but did not interact for a few months. These customers now constitute dormant customers.
Once you have identified them. You can design a better strategy to win them back.

It is essential you know when a customer has dropped off the radar to re-engage them. You can do this by studying your customers using a sophisticated CRM platform.

Launch a Loyalty Program to ReEngage customers

Did you know? 75% of consumers would prefer to buy from a brand with a loyalty program. And 23% of companies use their loyalty program to re-engage customers.

You can jumpstart your customer engagement strategy by introducing a loyalty program. Not only does it engage customers, customers feel valued for being rewarded. Hence, loyalty programs are a well-known retention strategy that you must include in your re-engagement strategy.

Offer attractive rewards under your loyalty program. For example, You have a tier program. You can reward your customers with special perks for each tier. It will motivate them to stay active and make more purchases to enter the next level.

Your loyalty program has to be simple and easy to understand for customers. Keep the sign-up, upgrade and downgrade processes simple for your customers. So they can participate with ease and enjoy the rewards.

The experience should be hassle-free.

Create and send out Surveys & give incentives for Participation

You can also engage your customers with the surveys. It is an amazing engagement tool that businesses must use from time to time.

Send out a survey and ask your customers for the reasons they have left your brand. It might sound clingy, but you will at least understand the reasons that caused low engagement.

You will never know if you never ask. If you are worried about low engagement on the surveys, give them incentives for participating in the survey. Create a personalized experience with. attractive incentives to win your customers back.

With this approach, you will discover new things about your customers such as what they like and what triggers engagement. It will help you design effective marketing campaigns in the future.

A customer engagement company like Froogal will help you create and send surveys using a sophisticated platform. And keep in mind that you are sending a re-engagement survey to customers who have gone silent for 3 to 6 months, not ones who haven’t been to your business for a few days. Therefore, not often you might receive high engagement and that’s okay.

Loyal customers spend 67% more than new ones.

Engage your customer with Personalized Emails

Email Marketing is one of the effective tools that guarantees personalized engagement with the customers one on one.

If you have already done this but not seeing the right response. You need to reevaluate your email marketing strategy to attract your customers. It is tricky but possible.

Firstly, identify inactive subscribers. Inactive customers are the ones who haven’t opened or interacted with the email sent in the past six months. These are now your dormant customers. Once you have a list of inactive customers, now you can start engaging them. Wonder how?

Create sensational subject lines to build the excitement. The customer first reads the subject line. This is a key factor in a successful email marketing campaign. Subject lines have to be eye catchy and short.

Once your customer opens the email, they must feel encouraged to read the mail. Play with your brand colors content placement and include any upcoming events, sales, and email-only offers. The idea of emails is to remind customers that you are thinking of them and want and appreciate the value they contribute.

Build engagement with Mobile

By 2024, there will be over 290 million smartphone users.

We all love our cell phones. It is the best tool for reaching customers. You can engage your customers in many ways on their phones.

It shows that mobile re-engagement must be an essential part of your re-engagement strategy. Reaching out to customers on mobile devices is the most personalized way to build engagement. You can use SMS, push notifications, social media, and do much more for your mobile users.

Mobile devices make it easier for brands to connect with dormant customers. Make sure that you are giving a great customer experience over mobile. A poor experience will deter your customers from engaging with your brand. If you have an app, make sure it is running smoothly and responsive.

For a great mobile experience, choose an omnichannel platform. No matter where your customers are engaging, you need to be there for them. Any communication barrier is not good for a customer experience. Your social media pages, app, and website need to be equally engaging and follow brand guidelines that will help with higher brand recall value.

Leverage SMS to remind your customers ‘ You are missing them’

SMS marketing is very personalized. You can take your mobile marketing to the next level with text messages. It is an ideal medium for reminding your customers that you are missing them. Check your phone right now you might have gotten those sweet messages from brands already? Yes, just like that. But remember to keep yours extremely personalized attention-grabbing.

Generic messages won’t work, especially when customers receive a ton of messages every day. You can pre-plan your SMS campaigns and schedule them when there is a chance that customers will read them. Offer exclusive discounts to make them feel it is designed only for them.

This personal touch will help you engage your least engaged customers.

Give value to Customer feedback

Feedback is important if you want to know what your customers think about your brand. Give value to customer reviews regardless if it’s positive or negative. In case of a positive review, you can send a positive response telling your customers that you notice their efforts. If it’s a negative review, you need to find out By asking customers for any suggestions.

Also, track reviews over social media accounts. Social media has become a powerful tool to know how customers feel about your brand.

47% of consumers with complaints use social media to share their opinions and expect a response within minutes.

It allows you to find out more about your customers. What do they like, and what are their preferences? Respond to every meaningful tweet, post, and comment. It’s good if you can delight frustrated customers with a good response.

If not, you can plan a strategy for these customers who shared their views about your brand. Don’t take it negatively. Your customers are unhappy. Find out why?
and how you can make them happy.

To Wrap Up

Yes, you want them back, then why not tell them? Whenever your customers visit your website, receive an email, or see your social media account. Add the “We miss you” phrase. They will notice. Content needs to be convincing to grab their attention.

Let your dormant customer know that you know they are not engaging with the brand, and you are eager to want them back.

They were in love with your brand, and it will happen again. All you have to do is remind your customers that you care about them, and you are trying your best to address issues that made them detached from the brand.

Engage your VIP customers with a loyalty program.

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