7 Proven ways to Ask your Customers for Reviews

7 proven ways to ask your customers for reviews

Don’t you wanna know what your customers think about your brand? Of course, you do. Wondering how? Just ask.

About 95% of customers read reviews before making a purchase, and 72% of customers don’t buy anything until they have read the reviews.

Reviews are valuable for every business, whether it’s a B2B or B2C, a marketing agency, or Saas company. Customer reviews play a crucial role in understanding customers’ expectations that helps businesses craft a better CX in the future. Indeed, most happy customers will never tell you if they are happy. It’s your call to encourage them to share their positive experiences with you. Whether it’s a customer loyalty program or any product, you just need to ask them what they feel about it. If you are doing everything right for your customers, it won’t be that hard to get positive reviews. Your loyal customers who love your brand might be waiting to share their opinion with you. Why not give them a platform?

Why do customer reviews matter?

No doubt, customer reviews impact buying decisions. When a customer searches a website or products, they can see the reviews. A negative review is a bad news for a business, but positive reviews can help earn a new customer. Isn’t that great? Besides, reviews can help with SEO rankings, especially for a local business. Having reviews on popular sites lets you earn high rankings on SERP. Good news! Thus, making your customer review your brand is valuable.

Try these proven ways to encourage your customer to write reviews:

Just ask

Start by just asking. Encourage your customers to write reviews using different virtual platforms such as Email, SMS, or Social Media. Popular brands like Myntra, Uber, and Swiggy have been doing this for a long time, encouraging customers to write reviews right after the first purchase. You can too.

Asking for reviews is a good idea to know what your customers think about products and services especially in the retail industry. It allows businesses to improve products and services by acting on customer feedback and rectifying common pitfalls. Good thing, isn’t it? Reach out to your customers on various platforms and ask them to write a review in a friendly way – don’t be pushy.

Once you receive a positive comment, you can post it online or ask customers to do the same. A good way to increase brand awareness. Great!

Uber is doing a great job in collecting real-time feedback from its customers. They use the tagline- we take this feedback seriously, it shows the importance of customer feedback for a company.

Once Uber notices a driver has been getting too many bad reviews from users, it penalizes the driver. The review process is simple on the Uber app, encouraging more users to review. Did they do something different? No. They just asked.

Create a process for asking for reviews

Creating a process for review generation is important. In this way, a business can easily collect the data. Using a CRM system is also a good option for businesses to ask for reviews. A campaign manager tool in Froogal CRM sends reminders to the customers and helps them design a good feedback system. CRM helps businesses collect all of the data in one place. Hence making feedback management easier.

Many big brands have a proper process for collecting reviews. Hyatt has been doing this for some time. Hyatt, a hotel brand well known for its unique customer experiences. They always know what their customers want. How? The secret is their process of collecting the feedback. Hyatt has an amazing feedback-gathering process for the customers. They use two main channels to collect feedback: social media and a feedback form on site. On social media, they encourage customers to review services and share their experiences with hotels, resorts, or vacation properties using hashtags like #worldofHyatt and #worldofunderstanding. On the second platform, they have feedback forms on target pages on the website, a special button for feedback on the hotel reservation page. The easiest way to ask for customers’ reviews. Easy for customers as well.

Automate the review collection

Automation Is the Next Big thing. Businesses use a series of tools to automate the process of collecting reviews, such as pop-up norms, feedback forms, and follow-up emails. You can use these tools for your business for collecting the data. The automation will make the task of collecting reviews easier, and it ensures continuity for review requests. Asking for reviews manually is not a good option for businesses. It will create too much burden on a team. Hence, you can focus on automating the task.

Did you know that you can run NPS customer surveys to generate reviews? It allows businesses to identify promoters and ask them to leave a recommendation. This method is new but very effective in boosting online reviews. Just send the NPS survey asking how likely you are to recommend us to a friend? Now target the promoters – they are people who answered the survey with nine or 10 questions. The next step is to invite these promoters to review your brand. It is best to ask them right after they answer the NPS questions. Easy!

Target your loyal customers

The goal of collecting reviews is to get good reviews from customers. It can be tricky at first but not impossible. If you want to win the game of reviews, target your best customers. These customers are already buying from you, or a part of your loyalty programs. Invite these customers to write a review. They would love to share their views. Also, focus on giving amazing CX for achieving trust and positive reviews in the long run.

Personalize the way you ask for reviews

Customers love personalization, a great asset for businesses in terms of achieving brand loyalty. A personalized video, email, or SMS will encourage your customers to write reviews. Personalization communication is the best technique for businesses to maximize reviews and enhance customer experience. When you send a feedback form or SMS to get reviews from customers, they might not participate right away but they will notice your efforts. It is a good way to remind them that their opinion is valuable to your brand.

Explain why reviews are important

Reviews are crucial for your business, but how will you explain this to your customers? Educate your customers about the value of customer feedback. Tell your customers that their opinion matters to improve services and provide a better customer experience in the future. The customers who like your brand will show their support in the form of positive reviews, for sure.

Make review writing as simple as possible

It is not easy to get customers’ attention in this digital age when the attention span has reduced to 3 sec. Make the process of collecting reviews easy for your customers. Whatever platform you are using for collecting feedback, make sure it is easy to use for customers. Avoid adding too much information in the message or email. Just share the link where they can share reviews. The best way to get reviews is to make it simple for your customers to review your brand. Don’t complicate the process.

To wrap up

If your customers like your brand, they would love to share their experience. Make sure you target your loyal customers while rolling out the feedback process. You will be surprised to know what they have to say about your brand, probably the good things. Also, keep in mind that reviews can be positive or negative, but it is a valuable source of information for your business. Never underestimate the power of feedback. Use it to enhance customer engagement and brand loyalty. Are you using any tool to manage customer feedback? Consult Froogal, top loyalty companies.

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