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How to make a data-driven Customer Strategy in 2021? 40 percent of organizations aim to increase data-driven marketing budgets, and 64 percent of marketing leaders report that data-driven strategies are vital for the economy. Data is going to revolutionize the way brands approach their customers. Big giants like Amazon, Netflix, and Google have established their [...]
10 Exciting Rewards to Engage your customers Do you know what is one of your biggest assets? Engaged customers. Customers who are fully engaged represent a 23 percent higher share in profitability, revenue, and relationship growth. As the study suggests, customer engagement adds value to the brand and ensures the overall success of the reward [...]

May 21, 2021


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How to not create a Loyalty Program 65% of consumers engage with less than half of the loyalty programs to which they belong. Why? What is wrong? Creating a loyalty program is not rocket science, but it is not easy as it seems. There are so many things you might miss out on while building [...]
The Secret to Winning Lifetime Customer According to a survey, 65% of a company's profits come from previous customers & businesses miss out on $1.6 trillion from losing customers to a competitor. Loyal customers are like precious jewels for businesses. They can’t afford to lose them. With new brands coming up, businesses need to think [...]

Data-Driven Loyalty Program – Future of 2021 60% of businesses encountered improved customer experience across various devices and touchpoints using customer analytics, and 44% of enterprises are acquiring more customers using data in loyalty programs. Technology has evolved over the years so the customer behavior. A lot can be done with data-driven programs in terms […]