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April 28, 2021


by: Komal


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Driving Customer Loyalty and Customer Experience using Automation 51% of companies are currently using marketing automation, and more than half of B2B companies are planning to adopt the technology in coming years. Remarkable! Marketing automation helps businesses to collect behavioral data related to various offline and online interactions. As a result, businesses can provide tailor-made […]

6 Innovative ways to Reward your Loyal Customers Businesses are fighting to survive in this post-COVID world. Instead of finding new customers, they can focus on building meaningful relationships with their existing customers. Think of your brand - what special perks are you offering to your customers? Why should they stick to your brand? Are [...]
Bring Some fun into Customer Engagement with Gamification Gamification! While the term itself might be one of the latest buzzwords in the business world, the idea itself is new. In fact, using gaming tactics and games as such to engage customers is something credit card companies, airlines and other businesses have been doing for a [...]