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Challenges in Delivering an Omni-Channel Customer Experience  While more and more businesses are gearing up for the adoption of an omni-channel customer experience and its myriad benefits, a lot of them fall prey to the few challenges that haunt this exercise. By carefully planning out your omni-channel strategy, you can surpass these challenges and reap […]

Difference between Multi-Channel and Omni-Channel Many brands fall into the trap of assuming that both are the same while in fact they are both significantly different. In the simplest explanation, being multi-channel (in customer experience) could only mean that you collect feedback from via multiple channels or are open to communicating with your customers across […]

OMNI-CHANNEL – What does it mean in Customer Experience? Omni-channel! It’s a word that’s been thrown around a lot these days. Given that marketers are having to come up with intelligent ways to drive customer engagement, the concept of omni-channel is now ubiquitous. So, how does this fit right into the Customer Experience model? In […]

E-commerce Brands need to go Omnichannel? E-commerce needs omnichannel feedback now more than ever before. Your customer base will ultimately determine how successful you are, so it is crucial that you take every measure to get as much feedback through all touch points. Customer feedback has started to spread with unprecedented speed in today’s digital […]

4 Benefits of Referral Marketing Improved customer retention rate Referred customers are more valuable Valuable data Great ROI value Referral Marketing: 4 Easy Ways to Get More Customers For a referral program to be successful, you need to have the promotion solution in place to effectively verify the actions of the advocate and friend, but […]