10 Exciting Rewards to Engage your Customers

10 Exciting Rewards to Engage your customers

Do you know what is one of your biggest assets?
Engaged customers.

Customers who are fully engaged represent a 23 percent higher share in profitability, revenue, and relationship growth.

As the study suggests, customer engagement adds value to the brand and ensures the overall success of the reward program.

Amazing! So how are you engaging your customers?

Customers love rewards. Then why not start with a rewards program? Better rewards, better engagement.

Wondering how to create innovative rewards to increase engagement? There are so many ways to do that. Before we go ahead and discuss them, keep in mind the competition is rising.

Every business is trying to create amazing rewards points to woo its customers. If you want to stand out, you need to focus on your customer’s preferences -what do they like? or what is the possibility they will accept the rewards. You can do this by studying your customers. It will help you offer amazing personalized rewards in the future.

Also, don’t forget to remind your customers about the benefits and offerings of a reward program. Otherwise, they might forget why they joined the program in the first place.

You will miss the opportunity to engage your customers.

Thankfully, you have a chance to build engagement with your customers by adding new and exciting rewards to the program. The new offerings will build engagement.

We have handpicked ten fresh, innovative, and highly engaging rewards that are sure to get your customers excited and asking for more!

Let’s dive into the blog:

Quick glance:

1. Free gifts
2. Spice up your product discounts
3. Reward your customer with reward programs
4. Exclusive discounts for Members
5. Free shipping benefit
6. Use bonus points
7. Free points rewards
8. Charitable rewards
9. A memorable birthday experience
10. Encourage your customers for referral

Free gifts to build interest

Who doesn’t like the free stuff? You do, I do, so do your customers.

If you desire to engage your customers with the rewards, offer them free gifts. Your customers will surely like to receive a little extra. Whether it’s a new product or coupon, keep your customer engaged with the free gifts.

Giving away freebies won’t do any good if it is not personalized. A personalized gift is the best way to wow your customers and encourages them to engage with your brand. They will come back for more. Isn’t that what you want?

So what do your customers like? Simple, study their behavior. Use a CRM platform like Froogal Ascend to collect data. Once you have the data, you will be able to segregate your customers into groups so that you can offer personalized experiences based on their past purchases.

Give them a thank you note along with the free gift. It will surely encourage your customers to engage with your brand. This personal touch is what you have to offer to build a connection and engage your customers.

Spice up your product discounts and offers

Your customer might ask, why should they accept discounts or offers? What is special?
Make your product discounts attractive for the customers. Engage them with fresh and new rewards. There are many ways to do this.

Revamp your reward programs with fresh offers to build engagement. If you have been studying your customers using a CRM tool, you can offer better perks, based on their history. They will be thrilled.

Monetary rewards continue to be the popular rewards, along with freebies and free shipping. You can offer so much to your customers by knowing their preferences.

Spice up product discounts making them persuasive for customers. While product discounts seem like obvious rewards, you can make them attractive with personalization and give your customers a reason to consider rewards.

As Robert Cialdini writes in his book – People simply like to have reasons for what they do.
Engage your customers with the exciting rewards that they actually like.

Reward your loyal customers with a VIP program

VIP rewards can take your point-based program to a whole new level. With a VIP-based tier program, your customers will go forward to higher levels by spending more money and purchasing certain products. Use other tactics to build engagement with your VIP reward programs, such as offering points for sharing on social media, reviewing products, or referring friends. In this way, your customers will end up earning more points while engaging with the brand.

VIP programs are the best to persuade a customer to take action. It is due to the philosophy underlying Tier programs: people want to feel superior to their peers, and they can do so by progressing through the tiers. Give them additional benefits. They would love to spend more to level up the tiers. Joining a VIP program presents customers with an opportunity to fight out and see who is superior. It is this desire that keeps customers engaged with your brand.

It is human nature to compare themselves to others and seek higher status. The same philosophy works for the VIP reward programs. Provide them with additional benefits under the program that encourage customers to spend more to level up in the tiers.

Joining a VIP program presents customers with an opportunity to fight out and see who is superior. It is this desire that keeps customers engaged with your brand.

Exclusive discounts for VIP members

If you are running a tier VIP program, offer exclusive offers to the VIP members. It will encourage other members to spend more to progress in the tier. While giving free gifts and products, make your rewards more attractive at every stage. This is where exclusive member discounts come into the picture.

If you have a VIP program, you can offer a discount to all members, such as 10% on all products. A great way to attract more members and it will make your reward more attractive. You have an opportunity to make your program valuable to the members by offering them exclusive discounts.

Customers will earn more points on each purchase or gift. No matter how you are doing it, offering better perks at each level will make your VIP program successful and encourage customers to the program more often. This behavior will benefit your program and increase engagement rates, keeping your customers happy and thriving.

Offer free shipping as an additional benefit

According to a survey, 54% of shoppers will abandon their shopping cart if the shipping cost is too much. It is a leading cause of customer churn in the retail industry. Sad news.

At these times, more and more customers are shopping online, free shipping has become an expectation rather than a benefit.

Fulfill this expectation by offering free shipping as an additional benefit to the members. When big brands like Amazon and Walmart offer free shipping under their loyalty programs, why not you? This perk has become the most popular incentive for customers. Because it saves money.

Free shipping benefits can drive engagement, a common reward, but the preferred one. If it makes your customer happy, you must include it in your program.

Not every business can afford the shipping cost. The best way is to offer it as an exclusive benefit to the program members. It will encourage other members to progress in the tier program to avail the free shipping benefit.

Use bonus points during seasonal dips to engage Customers

Most e-commerce retailers face seasonal dips, especially right after a big occasion like the new year. At these times, they can use the bonus points events to engage customers. Wondering what a bonus point event is? It is simple – an event where customers earn points when they buy products and get more points than they have already earned.

The concept of scarcity is what makes the bonus point events so effective in building engagement. The idea states that the benefit of a product or service will appear valuable if it is offered under a time constraint. The best time to offer bonus points is on special occasions. In this way, businesses can build engagement while showing appreciation to loyal customers.

Free points rewards

Free points are different from bonus points. It is simply given to customers to boost their point balance. Free points are available for a limited time and maybe an expensive affair for business.

Free point rewards are great for building engagement when the excitement is down and other brands are not keen to do the same. You can offer free points in different ways. For example, if you are a clothing company, you should consider giving points to your customers when you are going to launch a new seasonal collection.

It will increase demand and is an excellent way to remind inactive members to take advantage of the benefits. As a result, increased engagement. For example, Gal Rewards awarded free points at the beginning of every quarter to the members of the silver tiers.

The amount is not similar, it is different as Gap rewards each member a bonus of 20% of the points customers earned in the previous quarter. The free points formula works in two ways. It gives incentives to customers to shop seasonally while making them spend more to redeem the free points.

A memorable birthday experience

We have all received generic birthday emails from many brands. While it’s a great tactic to build engagement, the messages are not memorable. Generic messages get lost as another drop in the bucket. If you want to have a memorable experience, you need to think differently. The truly memorable moments come when customers receive tangible or personalized rewards.

With this approach, you can impact your customers and engage them with your brand. By taking a step further, you can personalize birthday messages and offer better rewards based on the customer’s purchase history. It isn’t a great idea. Imagine your customers receive a birthday card when visiting a store, they will be thrilled.

The tactic of rewarding birthdays is amazing. It gives customers a chance to celebrate their birthdays in their own way and engage them with the brand. This personalization adds value to the customer experience and keeps customers interested in what you will offer in the future.

Encourage your customers for referrals

The beauty of referral programs is that it engages customers in two different ways. As a customer and an advocate. The power of referrals is that they come from known sources. It could be a friend, coworker, or family member; there is a good chance that these people could become potential customers because their opinion is valuable. The concept is based on a psychological principle that people value opinions coming from close friends or family.

If your friend referred you to a company you admire, your friend certainly gives more weightage to the recommendation than a total stranger.If you want to be successful with your referral programs, you need to make an unrefusable offer – an offer that is so amazing that customers recommend the product.

Put yourself in their place and ask would you refer the brand to your loved ones? What is special about it? If the answer is yes, then you are doing great. Referral programs help to build engagement and earn new customers, but only when it is properly done.

The rewards need to be truly amazing that customers will go out of their way to invite people to join the program.

Charitable rewards

Sometimes customers are not seeking any monetary rewards. They want to make a difference with small acts. Allow them to perform the noble cause through charitable rewards. It will drive engagement while contributing to making the world a better place. Many brands are doing it.

If your primary customers are genre Z, then you don’t need to offer charitable rewards. These customers are always looking out for brands that give back to society. They are more involved in charitable causes than any age group, so introducing charitable rewards to this group is a no-brainer. Whether your customers are young, old, rich, or poor you can still offer them charity, especially during the Covid times when funds are in short supply. By aligning your brand with charity, you will build a strong reputation of the brand.

It will help you gain more customers, especially those who judge brands based on charity. Your customers will also love to do charity through your brand as many don’t get a chance to do something for society. Elevate customer experience by engaging your customers.

Final Word

Customer engagement ideas are crucial for every business. If you’re doing it by rewarding your customers, great. It is advised that you reflect on your existing rewards and mix them with new ones so that you can build a strong program.
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